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I'm now on Twitter.  You can follow me @KentArcherArt
Boston Comic Con next weekend (April 21-22)!  Come find me there.
So I was recently given the opportunity to help out on a cool little project called Journeymen.  It's a collection of 3 short story comics and I'll be inking one of them.  Please head on over to… to learn more about it.  We'd all greatly appreciate your support.  Thank you!

Hey everyone!  If you're ever at all interested in requesting a commission or maybe you see something you'd like a print of, head on over to   You'll find all the info you need there!
Hey everyone,
I hope you'll check out my little side project called Battery Bots at the conveniently domain named   A comic including some of these little characters is in the works!
Hi everyone,
I am taking commissions requests.  Please feel free to message me or email me at if you are interested or have questions.  Drawings are not limited to McNinja characters...I'll do anything from Marvel to your own gaming character.